Dgtronix technology solutions and consulting

Our Technologies

Automation intergration


deployment of sensor networking technologies, GSM/GPRS, Mail servers


Our domain covers various technologies .Net,C#,HTML,CSS,VB,
Electric motor drives

Power train

Electric motion control, Motor protection and control,Servo/Stepper
Energy Analytics


Intelligent electricity control panels, Remote metering & monitoring, Power quality V,kVA,PF,Hz

Network of resources & Adaptive computing

The Internet of Things all around us, constantly gathering all kinds of data and sending it off to various nodes that will make sense of it to help us to do business better.
The only reason the automation industry exists is to improve the business performance of customers' operation in a safe and environment sustainable way.

Manufacturing plant to corporate office desk

Augmenting operators

Younger employees are often digital natives, and comfortable in automated industry, For example, it can be as simple as enabling their mobile phones to scan a QR code flashing on HMI to get the fault info about electric drive.

Improved insights

Using data to improve industrial operations by connecting things to each other through wireless enabled end point devices/sensors. Advanced analytics can be used on collected data to make quick and most accurate decisions.
  • Making plant user-centric, not only machine-centric
  • Operate in most efficient manner with higher safety levels
  • Crystal clear Enterprise performance reports based on Data Mining
  • Organizations can engage with data to answer toughest business questions